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Brussels Gospel Festival 2017 »
Brussels Gospel Festival 2017
Sound The Trumpet contre l'épilepsie
Sortons l'épilepsie de l'ombre
English version
Let's take epilepsy out of...
Nederlandse versie
Laten we epilepsie uit de...
Chaque année, la mission de STT en matière d'épilepsie consiste à encourager les personnes vivant avec cette maladie à sortir de l'ombre et à vivre leur vie. Ils devraient y aller sans honte et savoir qu'il y a de l'espoir. Tout le monde a besoin de quelqu'un et nous devons tous avoir le comportement approprié quand quelqu'un fait une crise!
L'équipe Sound The Trumpet -BE présente aux Plaisirs d'Hiver à l'Eglise Sainte Catherine:
Invité la chorale «Hosanna Gospel»! Un moment inoubliable!!!!
Brussels Gospel Festival 3rd edition kicked off with a fantastic Drum-Off, led by Pst Roger Grandison and Sarah Thawer (Members of the Jury) from Canada (TO). And the winner is Paci Dk. Winner price: 1 week trip to Canada (TO) where he will spend time with other drummers and perfect his skills in a great environnent.
Une partie de la Chorale Senior Sound The trumpet avec Coach André Massamba.
Remariage Senior Hôtel de Ville 2017
Programme 2018 »
Who we are?

Sound The Trumpet Belgium is an association for whom health is indeed one of the priorities. It is because of the concerns of this one, more specifically the expression of its solidarity toward various types of psychological, medical and social causes that we organize gospel events, activities and thematic conferences on health. We gather people together, inform and raises awareness to the general public.

Sound The Trumpet Belgium considers that music and health work together. We believe that music is a form of remedy as one suffers because of the message of hope it conveys.

We promote gospel artist and music in different facets and variants by organizing activities, exchanges and events for all generations.

This artistic, cultural project centered on well-being is a network experience of sharing skills.

We thank you for your donations and kindly ask you to send them to:
Sound The Trumpet Belgium asbl
IBAN: BE28 0689 0213 8120

Your donations help us to organize events for which the profits are donated to different causes in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

If you wish to become a partner please write to us at info@sttrumpet.com

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